Thursday, February 15, 2007


In Skiros, one island of Greece, the carnival starts with the "Geros" and "Korela" traditional figures which walk around the streets during the carnival days. "Geros" wears a heavy black coat and around his waist there are 2-3 rows of " K O R E L A "
bells weighing 50 kilos. "Korela" his partner wears traditional clothes and dances continiously near "Geros" trying to challenge him. Both of them climb the castle of the island and jingle the bells. They behave in such a way to remind the inhabitants of the disaster that damaged all the sheeps. For this reason "Geros" wears the bells from dead sheeps. On the other hand they jingle the bells to expel the evil spirit. After that, dance and drink until
the dawn . [ J e a n ]
" G E R O S "

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